Danger Mouse & Murs – To a Black Boy

Danger Mouse has been finishing up a selection of remixes before going on tour this Spring. The first of these is available to download at iTunes. The song features Murs and an important message drawing attention to a recent legal case that seems to defy reason. Here’s what DM says about the story behind the track :

“This true story took place in rural Rome, Georgia, USA just last year 2003! Marcus Dixon, an 18-year old African American high school senior was accused of rape by a classmate (a white girl only a few months shy of 16, a sophmore). The Jury quickly came back with Not Guilty verdicts on all rape & use of force, they agreed the sex was consensual (only took them 15 minutes). However, the prosecuter added the charge of child molestation since the girl was under 16. He was found guilty by this charge by definition and senteced to a mandatory 10 year sentence. No high school boy or girl has ever been charged with child molestation of a classmate less than three years his or her junior until Marcus. Marcus was a star on the football team, an Honor Student (3.96 GPA) and had a full scholarship to Vanderbilt University. Marcus has already served one year and is still currently in prison.”

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