P-Origins Of Pommery : 2th Comming

P-Origins 2

EHQUESTIONMARK with W.S-S.K (WETSHAME) / KUILDOOSH as P-Origins Of Pommery are re-opening for a second night, their now expanded site-specific installation of artefacts entitled 2th Comming.

A long lost Albionic-totalitarianism, sealed behind the closed doors of a presbytery, abandoned as a gestating relic of an unsure age wherein control was embraced as a positive force. A clandestine time capsule of a long lost never historicized past, inaugural paganic innovations wiped from popular existence, weapons from a primitive utopia.

Their constantly growing collection offers an eccentric re-vision of English history and aesthetics: Two years of site-specific excavation work and making, but open only for two nights of viewing, commemorating ten centuries since the magnanimous necktie party and eventual decapitation of our revered progenitor, Sire Plegmund “The Garrulous” Crosier of Pomestan.

“I entered an intergalactic woodworm-hole. An insight into how England coped with the introduction of LSD into the water supply of 1927 – 16 years before invention. Hand-made but nothing sprayed, a damp wooden-crated collection from a never-made Jules Verne film – the story of four adventurers travelling from Lands End to John O’Groats by steam powered bakelite rope bridge. A triumph of modern social surrealism at its most exquisite, delivered with a hot water bottle full of strong cider in a mahogany shopping trolley.”

Bristol, UK. click HERE for map.

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