P-Origins of Pommery : Peel Pie Und Rashion Gache

A series of site-specific installations by P-Origins of Pommery artists working in Guernsey, one of the tiny islands amongst the Channel Islands well off the coast of England, actually closer to France. This British owned territory is peculiar having been successfully occupied during World War II by the Nazis who heavily fortified the island, even re-militarizing the medieval Castle Cornet out of all proportion to its strategic value forming part of their Atlantic Wall. The delusional Adolf Hitler became obsessed with the idea that the Allied forces would try to regain the islands at any price and German defenses remain visible all around the coast.

Peel Pie Und Rashion Gache opens on “Liberation Day” at Castle Cornet, May 9th – August 8th and at Centre Fold Gallery, May 10th – 19th June 2009.

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