Boom Bip’s ‘Parallels’ Mix for LA Times

Boom Bip has put together a 50 minute mix of musical influences that shaped and inspired his new album. The tracks have been selected and placed corresponding to the order of tracks on Zig Zaj (available worldwide now here). Download the ‘Parallels’ mix above and read the full feature at Los Angeles Times website HERE. Tracklist below…

Artist Name ‘Track Title’ - parallel Boom Bip album track:

1. Ronald Binge ‘Sailing By’ / Robert Wyatt ‘Mister E’ – All Hands
2. Muluqen Mellesse ‘Djemeregne’ – Goodbye Lovers & Friends
3. The Surfaris ‘Point Panic’ – Pele
4. Factory Floor ‘Lying’ – Do As I Do
5. Cluster ‘Fotschi Tong’ – Reveal
6. Human League ‘Rock N Roll/Night Clubbing’ – Manabozh
7. Bauhaus ‘Third Uncle’ – New Order
8. Depeche Mode ‘Nothing to Fear’ – Automaton
9. Gas ‘Konigsforst’ – Tumtum
10. Boards of Canada ‘Everything You Do is a Balloon’ – Mascot and the Moth

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