Alan Moore feature in the Observer & Jimmy’s End Documentary

Alan Moore was interviewed in the Observer New Review section on Sunday 16th December discussing his reactions and objections to film adaptations of his work, and his and Mitch Jenkins newly released films pieces Act of Faith and Jimmy’s End. You can read the piece online at the Guardian Website HERE.

Motherboard (Vice) have produced a short documentary, filmed on the set of Jimmy’s End in Northampton in August of this year. Alan and Mitch Jenkins discuss the creative process behind their approach to film making, the developement of Jimmys End and Act of Faith, as well as their plans for The Show – the working title for the overall project. Cast members Siobhan Hewlett (Faith) Darrel D’Silva (Jimmy), Andrew Buckley (Bobbles the Clown), Roze Thorn & Boy Kitten also feature.

Watch the documentary below and over at Motherboard (Vice) HERE.

Below are some of the behind the scenes images from the filming of Jimmy’s End courtesy of John Angerson, who was a stills photographer for Jimmy’s End.