Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins

‘The Show’ is a major new work of fiction from co-creators Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins.

The first part of ‘The Show’ is a series of short films entitled Show Pieces. The project, directed by Mitch and written by Alan, charts the occult lives of a disparate hoard of characters who inhabit the unsettling underworld of the Jimmy’s End Working Men’s Club in Nighthampton, an alternate version of Northampton, Moore & Jenkins’s hometown.

The story is told primarily through film. What initially began as a ten minute one-off piece by literary giant Alan Moore and photographer Mitch Jenkins, has since developed into an expansive series of short films. These are ‘Act of Faith’, ‘Jimmy’s End’, ‘Upon Reflection’, ‘A Professional Relationship’ and ‘His Heavy Heart’. There are plans for a full-length feature film and multi-platform TV series entitled The Show.

Show Pieces is available physically and digitally here:

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Show Pieces Trailer

Act of Faith Trailer

Jimmy’s End Trailer

(L-R): Khandie Kisses, Andrew Buckley, Darrel D’Silva, Siobbhan Hewlett, Dark Teaser, Alan Moore, Robert Goodman, Luli Blue, Roze Thorn, Boy Kitten, Melinda Gebbie.

The cast for The Show includes Andrew Buckley, Darrel D’Silva, Siobhan Hewlett and Robert Goodman, as well as Burlesque performers Khandie Kisses and Luli Blue, Alan Moore himself and his wife Melinda Gebbie. The Show is an important entry in Moore’s own body of work, as it denotes the first time that he has written purposefully for the screen.

Photographer Mitch Jenkins is the director of the Jimmy’s End cycle of short films as well as ‘The Show’, a creative partnership with Moore that also includes Unearthing. Illustrator Yu Sato assisted with the visual concept of ‘The Show’, and has a long working history with Lex, having been involved in four of Subtle’s music videos as well as providing the artwork for the Lex 10th Anniversary shows and the Complex compilation album. The soundtrack for ‘The Show’ is handled by Crook&Flail (Andrew Broder & Adam Drucker), with whom Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins had previously worked with on their ‘Unearthing’ audiobook.

Jimmy’s End Working Men’s Club is situated is the dark underbelly of Alan Moore’s own hometown of Northampton, an alternate reality that is occupied simultaneously by sleazy clowns and uncanny environments, where dark and uncompromising things take place. Vice went behind the scenes in Northhampton to talk to Moore, Mitch Jenkins, and the cast and crew about the story behind making and creating the perturbing and mysterious film The Show.

Originally written as an essay by Alan Moore and published in Iain Sinclair’s ‘London: City of Disappearances’ in 2006, ‘Unearthing’ has since become a book accompanied by photographic illustrations courtesy of photographer Mitch Jenkins as well as a spoken word audiobook in collaboration with Crook&Flail (Andrew Broder of Fog & Adam Drucker aka Doseone).

Depicting the life of Alan’s friend and mentor Steve Moore (the person responsible for initially showing Alan how to write comics), it includes a score that was also developed with the help of Jenkins. Written by Crook&Flail, the score includes several guest musicians including Mike Patton, Justin Broadrick, Zach Hill and Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai. Now available as a box set through Lex, ‘Unearthing’ has also been performed twice by Alan Moore alongside Crook&Flail at the Old Vic Tunnels in Waterloo, with Jenkins’ photography serving as a backdrop to the reading.

Alan & Mitch Interviews

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