Wertheimer is here, is now.

Music steeped in music – drawing from any and all corners of electronic and electro-acoustic sound past and present, distilled into a new and striking formula.

Is irreverent to any genre, but undeniably banging and beautiful. Is for pummeling systems in weed-clouded clubs, and for lonely train platform cigarettes.

Is for sneaking into abandoned buildings at dawn and for speeding irresponsibly through the streets on your vehicle of choice. Freedom music. Fighting music. Psychedelic music.”

BRANDISHED EP will be released on 24th February 2014 as a three track limited edition run of 500 solid grey vinyl from new Lex signing, WERTHEIMER.

Preview the lead track Brandished below and pre-order from LEX SHOP | AMAZON | BOOMKAT | ROUGH TRADE

Artwork by ROID MSK