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Jneiro Jarel has released albums on Lex through such guises as Dr. Who Dat? (‘Beat Journey’) and Shape Of Broad Minds (‘Craft of the Lost Art’), the latter of which included a standout collaboration with MF DOOM. The two got together again in 2012 under the moniker JJ DOOM, to release the typically abstract hip-hop album ‘Keys To The Kuffs’.

‘Keys To The Kuffs’ was produced by JJ although some of the beats, including Banished were made from JJ’s loops edited together by DOOM. Jneiro rhymes on several tracks, but the vast majority of the vocals are by DOOM. Talking about DOOM’s work on ‘Keys To The Kuffs’ Thom Yorke wrote “… it’s poetry. The way he freeforms his verses and puts it all together, I don’t think anyone else quite does it like that… Guv’nor was my single of 2012. It’s genius, that tune.”

‘Keys To The Kuffs’ was followed by the ‘Bookhead’ EP in 2013. A 9 track picture-disc that include on side of new JJ DOOM joints, and on the flip-side, collaborations with Beck, Clams Casino, Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood and BADBADNOTGOOD.


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NEHRUVIANDOOM grew out of a meeting at London’s famous jazz venue/dive bar, the 100 Club in April 2013 where DOOM and a then 16 year old Bishop Nehru were booked to play. DOOM was immediately impressed by Bishop Nehru, an MC prodigy who has been co-signed by Kendrick Lamar and described by Nas as “the future of music”. After the show, DOOM and Bishop stayed in touch on e-mail, DOOM sending new beats and Bishop sending back his vocals.

A year later and a couple of studio sessions behind them, the work has taken shape. The Metal Fingers production and Bishop Nehru’s classic flow makes it sound like they found missing Ampex reels from ’94. The album is the first full-length studio album produced by DOOM since ‘Take Me to Your Leader’ in 2003.





In late 2012 Lex began working with DOOM to create a unique collaboration for Clarks Originals. Born from DOOM’s love of the iconic wallabee, the S/S ’14 DOOM shoe has been crafted by the supervillain with some of the finest materials available, and in 2014 DOOM will be one of two Clarks Originals Pioneers.

Butter soft grained brown leather from UK based tannery Steads has been used for the upper and folded over at the heel to reveal the suede inside. The stitching on the toe of the wallabee is made from a special light reflective 3M material that glows when a light is shone onto it – this same detail is also repeated throughout the brown striped laces.

The lining of the shoe is a custom repeat mask pattern material in cream and grey with each mask containing the red ruby. The insole is embossed with a genuine DOOM signature that was written in ink and scanned in with no retouching so the little ink splatters are still present. To finish, the back of the heel is embossed with the iconic DOOM mask and the classic wallabee tab is remixed with a DOOM throw on the reverse.

The box was designed by Lex and DOOM and features a mask emboss across the top, DOOM’s official throw on the sides and a custom Haiku by DOOM.

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Danger Mouse has turned his hand to almost every corner of the music business. As a musician, writer and producer, he has worked with everyone from Beck and Cee Lo (as Gnarls Barkley) to Gorillaz and U2. His versatility was established in 2004 with the release of his game-changing mashup record ‘The Grey Album’, which used a capellas from Jay Z’s ‘The Black Album’ over Beatles samples taken from ‘White Album’. The sought-after producer teamed up with MF DOOM to put together ‘The Mouse & the Mask’ under the moniker DANGERDOOM. A heavy cartoon aesthetic runs through the album, with Danger Mouse taking samples from various Adult Swim shows, and the cast of cult cartoon program Aqua Teen Hunger Force even stepping in for a brief guest appearance on ‘A.T.H.F’. Since then, DOOM has mentioned that he would relish the chance to team up with Danger Mouse again, stating that he would ‘rap from the perspective of the cartoons and in their voices, rather than simply create stories around them’.

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DOOM - Born Like This
DOOM, real name Daniel Dumile, originally rose to fame as Zev Love X within the burgeoning New York hip-hop scene of the late 80’s and early 90’s when he and his brother were collectively known as K.M.D. The duo’s rapidly ascending career was dramatically halted by tragic and frustrating events after which Dumile disappeared.  After years in the wilderness, Dumile emerged into a changed musical landscape, now reinvented as metal masked figure MF DOOM, and has been progressively implementing his plans for world domination ever since.

The DOOM persona, apparently inspired by Marvel Comics villain Dr Doom and is itself a comment on the state of modern-day hip-hop culture as well as a mechanism designed to redirect attention from the rapper towards DOOM’s actual music. In addition to the DOOM incarnation, the ultra creative and imaginative emcee also possesses the alter egos of Doom spin-off ‘Viktor Vaughan’ [derived from Dr Doom’s original name Victor Von Doom and a character who exists in a more technologically advanced parallel dimension], and King Geedorah [a three-headed monster from outer-space sent back in time to save humanity from itself]. All three personas radiate from Dumile, yet he insists that “I never interject”, meaning that while they are all aliases of him, none truly reveal the man behind the mask.


All DOOM’s studio albums since 2005 have be released by Lex. These include the best selling album in his career, DANGERDOOM ‘The Mouse & The Mask’, his most recent solo album ‘Born Like This’ and as JJ DOOM, ‘Key To The Kuffs’.