Heartbreak Mixtape for Allez-Allez

Heartbreak have made a new mix specially for the blog of another synth-related duo Allez-Allez who recently remixed Heartbreak’s single We’re Back. Download Heartbreak’s Singularitat Mix from the blog or direct from this link. Tracklist below.


  1. Burzum – Rundgang Um Del Transzendentale Saule Der Singularitat
  2. Y.A.S./ Mirwais – Get It Right (Heartbreak’s Heart Of Q mix)
  3. Den Haan – Theme From Den Haan
  4. Human League – Things That Dreams Are Made Of (League Unlimited Orchestra remake)
  5. Transvolta – Disco Computer
  6. The Revolving Eyes – Naked Run
  7. Mark Du Mosch – Kolossus
  8. Matzo & Pauli – We Are
  9. Nightmoves – Transdance
  10. Ghecko – Firelight
  11. Amplified Orchestra – Solitude
  12. Brassica – Illness From Awareness
  13. Duracel – Hole In The Head