Jimmy’s End – Behind The Scenes Video

Motherboard TV: Behind the Scenes of Alan Moore’s “Jimmy’s End”

By Kevin Holmes

Many of Alan Moore’s comics have been adapted for the big screen, but not many of them have met with his approval. So he went and wrote his own screenplay, the first one he’s ever written, which turned into the film Jimmy’s End. Pairing up with director Mitch Jenkins they’ve created an experience not unlike Moore’s celebrated Watchmen–a rich, multilayered film with a narrative that will reward repeat viewings and will live on beyond the rectangular box of the screen, spilling out into the real world.

The film is set in an alternate version of Northampton–Moore’s hometown–in a working men’s club, and explores an underlying dream time that coexists next to our own world, a nightmarish place of sleazy clowns and uncanny environments where some very strange things happen. Motherboard went behind the scenes to talk to Moore, Jenkins, and the cast and crew about making and creating this disturbing, intoxicating film.

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