DOOM on Cover of JUKE Magazine, New Interviews up on Spin & FACT Websites

DOOM is on the cover of the new JUKE magazine (Vol.04), channeling some Thulsa Doom styles in an an exclusive reptillian photoshoot. Get your copy in stores worldwide next week, online via JUKE website.

Two new interviews with DOOM online now: plenty fresh info at FACT Magazine discussing his collaborative process with Jneiro Jarel, books and UK life. Over at Spin read about his rap-hating mom, Nas’ pool parties and his forthcoming album as JJ DOOM (KEY TO THE KUFFS out worldwide next Monday – 20th August – FULL ALBUM PREVIEW HERE). A few choice interview excerpts below…

SPIN: How did you end up being born in London then?
I got family out here so my moms came and visited her sister type shit. I was born out here. My moms came out here, ’cause I was conceived in the United States, then I was born in London, then I went back to the United States. It’s kinda trippy; it’s like some ‘Doctors Without Borders’ shit… There’s no border really — to me the borders are manmade shit. Right now, I’m out here and I’m a New York nigga, straight up, but I’m in London.

If DOOM found himself as president of the United States, what would his first act in office be?
No more presidents! How about no more governments! The whole shit is over. I would never even consider that — DOOM would fuck the whole shit up: Okay, everyone is fired, there’s no more government, let’s have free will, everybody live off the land. That’s what would happen if they slipped up and accidentally elected that motherfucker.