Jneiro Jarel Mix for Mary Anne Hobbs

Photograph © Gene Smirnov

Mary Anne Hobbs has been a fan of Jneiro Jarel for ages, playing tracks from all his albums on various stations over the years. She’s invited him to do a half hour mix on her BBC Radio 1 show.

Previous guest mixers have included all the heavy hitters of dubstep and beats, Kode 9, Pinch, Burial, so he’s pulled out all the stops and included plenty of exclusive tracks and new remixes. Click HERE to download. Tracklist below:

Jneiro Jarel – Violet Heart Box
Co. Fee – Kali (Unreleased)
Dr Who Dat? – Electro Go Go
KenBts. – JAM///S BORN
Shafiq Husayn & KenBts – Evil Man
DOOM / Jneiro Jarel – GAZZILLION EAR [Afro Mix F. Dave Sitek] DOOM / Jneiro Jarel – GAZZILLION EAR [Dr Who Dat Remix] Dr Who Dat? – Gosohaurd
2000F & J Kamata – You Don’t Know What Love Is
King Tubby & DJ Kiva – Dub Lives On
The Bug – Skeng ft Killa P & Flowdan
Jamie Vexd – Radiant Industry
Bjork – Earth Intruders
Jneiro Jarel – Painted Tears