Kid Acne T-Shirt Launch Party

Kid Acne has started running a new quarterly night at Bungalows and Bears pub in Sheffield. The first party in February celebrated the launch of Ed’s new T-Shirt and it went off like a cross between a regional radio road show and a carnival sound clash… only indoors.

The rules were simple – each DJ (almost 20 of them) could only play records recorded or remixed in South Yorkshire, or records by artists from or synonymous with South Yorkshire. As you might imagine a whole bunch of smashers and unreleased gems were spun throughout the night.

Lex DJs got drunk up on booze and played party music alongside Kid Acne himself, Asbo A GoGo DJs, Benjamin Hatton, I Monster, HiemIan Anderson, Rob Gordon, Ross Orton of Fat Truckers, Seal Club, T-Rex, Swain and Bloody-L Mariachi. As Kid Acne said, it was literally ‘too many DJs’. Get ready for the mixtape!