Kid Acne – Zebra Face Animated Series

Zebra Face is a bombastic, stripey horse with rudimentary rhyme skills and an insulin dependant sidekick, Durable Mouth Organ Diabetic. These characters first appeared in a series of underground comics and fanzines created by Kid Acne & Supreme Vagabond Craftsman back in 1995. Following on from a book of their illustrated antics, The un-dynamic duo’s adventures have now been brought to life in a series of short animations for UK TV station Channel 4‘s Random Acts series…

Character voices courtesy of UK hip hop stars Taskforce and Infinite Livez. Rosamund Hanson (This Is England) as a dinosaur and Jarvis Cocker becomes the omnipotent Sun taking on the role of narrator.

CLOUD TROUBLE is the first of five episodes to be broadcast on Thursday, July 26th. Watch it online in full here. Additional episodes will be aired over the coming weeks and months.

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