New Dark Night of the Soul Website

The new Dark Night Of The Soul website is now live – an online environment constructed around imagery by director David Lynch.

Dark Night Of The Soul is a unique music and art project instigated and helmed by Danger Mouse. It unites a wonderful album length piece of music by Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse and a host of guest vocalists with a collection of original photography by David Lynch. Lynch’s imagery is inspired by and based on the music providing a visual narrative to the record, has been exhibited in the US, released as a limited edition book and will feature within the artwork for the forthcoming album release.

Describing the site’s inspiration and creation the designers We Fail explained: “We looked at the Dark Night Of The Soul images created by David Lynch and worked out how they’d influenced the music, how the whole project had moved along and been interpreted by each new artist that got involved.  We then deconstructed the music.  We deconstructed the photographs.  We deconstructed our bodies.  After all, what is the creative process but pieces of a man?  With only enough protein bars and coffee to propel us for 3 weeks, we made a complex diorama of paper cut-outs before realizing ‘Oh crap, this is supposed to be a website on the internet.’”

Dark Night Of The Soul will be released on 12th July