Prefuse 73

Electronic music pioneer and veteran Prefuse 73 announces his new album ‘Sacrifices’ out on Lex 25th May 2018.

Following his detour into fractured, kaleidoscopic hip-hop with Fudge, P73 has become progressively interested in injecting a sense of space into his characteristically complex productions. The resultant 17-track collection is akin to watching an old photograph deteriorate in one’s hands, as otherwise dense beats disintegrate into airy expanses of emotionally resonant electronics. Its effect is not unlike attempting to recall a murky memory of a dream of Herren’s earliest works, imbibed with an increased interest in the subtlety of contemporary minimalism.

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Listen and download Prefuse 73’s FACT mixtape.

Following 2015’s Rivington Não Rio album on Temporary Residence Ltd, Prefuse 73 went into the studio with Bostonian emcee Michael Christmas racking up an album-load of new tracks.

Fudge came together during several sessions in the summer and fall of 2015 at Nick Hook’s Green Point studio. Prefuse 73 brought along a hard drive full of beats. Christmas wrote to the instrumentals in the studio, and recorded the vocals the same day, as friends swung by to check it out. Some of the drop-ins at the studio ended up joining in on the recording, not least D.R.A.M. who brings lifted soul vocals on “All Points South”.

Months of intensive mixing then followed. P73 rebuilt his studio in upstate New York and set about finishing the album, making something that pays off on repeat headphone listens as well as one that bumps hard.

Listen to ‘In My Shoes’ featuring Alex Mali below

‘Lady Parts’ is the debut album by Fudge. Out now.

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