Boom Bip: Blue Eyed In The Red Room -


Artist: Boom Bip
Featuring: Gruff Rhys, Nina Nastasia
Artwork: EHQuestionmark


Boom Bip’s second album is a combination of lush electronics, live and sampled instruments and a couple of vocal collaborations with Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals on The Do’s and the Don’ts (available on 7″ single HERE) and Nina Nastasia on the melodic, ethereal closing track.

Deluxe softpack limited edition CD includes bonus 3″ CD with extra tracks.


“Just about the biggest ‘Do’ possible.” Vice

“An alternative soundtrack to Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.”
The Wire

“Acoustic guitars, autoharps, Steve Reich-ish percussion and ghostly voices are deliciously mangled into elegant soundscapes. Sublime stuff”
Time Out

“Boom Bip makes the most incredible records… Brian Eno meets The Beach Boys… absolutely stunning.” NME

“This album is an ideal response to claims that electronic music has no soul.” Urb

“A nimble architect of texture and melody, chiseling experimental forms into something refined.Village Voice

“Blue Eyed in the Red Room is a restful wash of clean, simple lines, unfractured beats, and neon-tinted melodies. The songs are multi-phased and elegantly phrased.Pitchfork


The Move
Do’s And Dont’s feat. Gruff Rhys
Girl Toy
Dumb Day
Soft And Open
One Eye Round The Warm Corner
The Matter (Of Our Discussion) feat. Nina Nastasia