Boom Bip: Seed To Sun -


Artist: Boom Bip
Featuring: Buck65, Doseone
Artwork: EHQuestionmark


Clearly standing the test of time, Boom Bip’s debut – 13 tracks of lush electronic music, with only a select few additional vocals from Buck 65 and Doseone.

This also includes the sublime original version of Last Walk Around Mirror Lake, (later remixed by Boards of Canada and featured on Morning & A Day EP / Remix compilation Corymb).


Roads Must Roll
Third Stream
Closed Shoulders
The Unthinkable feat. Buck65
Newly Weds
U R Here
Pulse All Over
Popsicle feat. Nacky Koma
Awaiting An Accident
Mannequin Hand Trapdoor I Reminder feat Dose One
Me: The New You
The Use Of Unnacceptable Colours In Nature
Last Walk Around Mirror Lake


“Boom Bip puts the heart into machine music.” 4/5 Q

“Abstract hip hop masterclass…Boom Bip fluctuates between the weird, the clever and downright beautiful.” 8/10 NME

“Absolutely unmissable.” 5/5 DJ

An album of the year 2002. Metro, The Wire, Rough Trade