Dr Who Dat?: Beat Journey - Lex Projects


Artist: Dr Who Dat?
Additional musicians: Capital Peoples, Count Bass D, Jawwaad Taylor
Featuring: Cee Knowledge, Stacy Epps, Shape Of Broad Minds
Artwork: EHQuestionmark


Jneiro Jarel’s debut album on Lex under the name Dr Who Dat? is his alter-ego journey through Brazilian musical influences, sampling and working with South American sounds and drum rhythms. This is the first of JJ’s Viberian experiences – moving on a psychedelic trip outside of his own studio and mind-space to channel fresh energy and combine it with his own original hip hop and beat-related sound.

Released in both standard jewel-case CD edition, LP and deluxe CD including extra artwork and bonus 3″ disc with extra tracks, not available anywhere else.


Beat Rock
Braziliant Thought
Pharoah’s Dream
B-Boy Portrait In Spain
March To Viberia
Stop Calling Me
On The Doelow
Deep Blaque
ASAP (Flash)
Kelly Drive
Ageless Daisy
Bahia Blues
Warped 45