Fog: Ditherer


Group: Fog
Group members: Andy Broder, Mark Erickson, Tim Glenn
Additional musicians: Andrew Bird, George Cartwright, Dosh, Phil Elverum (Microphones), Alan Sparhawk + Mimi Parker (Low), Doug McDiarmid, Huntley Miller, Pedestrian, Julie Wellman, Josiah + Yoni Wolf (Why?), Jeremy Ylviasker


FOG began life as Andy Broder‘s solo, homegrown, lo-fi musical experiments and expanded into a three-man band, blasting out full-on rock tracks but still staying true to their foundations.

Their last album Ditherer is their most accessible and confident work – epic guitars, electronics and some of the most inventive and memorable lyrics of any band we can think of.


“Superb… latterday Radiohead.” 4/5 Mojo

“Ceaselessly inventive rock experimentation… the closest comparison is Kid A era Radiohead. Nice.” Q

“Fog deserve to be talked of in the same hushed tones as The Flaming Lips or Arcade Fire… Ditherer is a thrilling distillation of their talents, full of anthemic soundscapes, post-millennial culture angst, strange time shifts, clashing scales and a curiously 90s post-hardcore guitar sound.” Time Out


We Will Have Vanished
Inflatable Ape Pt. 3
I Have Been Wronged
Hallelujah Daddy
What Gives?
You Did What You Thought
The Last I Knew Of You
Your Beef Is Mine
On The Gallows
What’s Up Freaks?


Here’s a video introduction to the group and their new work, directed by Chuck Statler (creator of various classic videos for Devo)