Prince Po: Hold Dat (Richard X Mixes) -


Artist: Prince Po
Producer / remixer: Richard X
Featuring: Jemini, Rell
Executive producer: Danger Mouse
Artwork: EHQuestionmark


The first of two vinyl-only singles from Prince Po’s album The Slickness.

Hold Dat features rappers Jemini & Rell over 2 mixes of epic bass-bin rumbling electronic production by Richard X.


“It’s a joy to report that not all ‘old school’ (or in this case, mid-school) rappers are mired in outdated beats and bitter attempts to right their place in history. Prince Po, who along with Pharoahe Monch defined early 90’s rap at its most creative as Organized Konfusion, has put out a truly brave single, ‘Hold Dat’ (Lex). Underground rap is finally emerging from its own conservatism and embracing the present, evidenced by the adventurous production on this single from Richard X. Early 80’s electro bleeps work well with Po, who no longer seems burdened with having to separate himself from Monch. Let’s hope ‘Hold Dat’ and the coming album will bring the kind of mainstream success that has so far eluded Prince Po.” DJ Shadow in The New York Times


Hold Dat (Mix I)
Hold Dat (Mix I Instrumental)
Hold Dat (Mix II)
Hold Dat (Mix II Instrumental)
Hold Dat (Acapella)


These videos were made as pre-production demos for a full video by Griff at Up The Resolution in 2004