S.A.Andrée: There's A Fault -


Artist: S.A.Andrée (previously working as Tiago La is Losing The Plot)
Additional percussion: Joey Waronker


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There’s A Fault concerns the true story of Swedish explorer S.A.Andrée‘s failed arctic expedition of 1897 when he attempted to travel from Sweden across the North Pole in a hydrogen balloon. He remained missing in ghostly limbo between failure and hero, life and death, until the chance discovery of his frozen remains, maps and preserved camera film 33 years later explained his fate.

Written from the explorer’s perspective, this album was recorded over 3 years in London and Los Angeles using vintage instruments and original analogue synthesizers, sourced for their fluctuations, inaccuracies and need for hands-on human control. Their use also highlight the elapsed time and technological advancements between Andrée’s initial expedition and his belated discovery.


1. Nonpilot
2. From Svalbard
3. Örnen
4. Visitor, For Visitor
5. Profondeur 2M 10
6. Inventio Fortunata
7. Actigraphy/Guesswork
8. Pacifica