Subtle: F.K.O. -


Group: Subtle
Group members: Adam Drucker, Jordan Dalrymple, Marty Dowers, Alexander Kort, Jeffrey Logan, Dax Pierson
Remixers: B.Fleischmann, Console


F.K.O. is the single from Subtle’s debut album A New White – a track pushing boundaries in any number of genres and every style of rock, hip hop and electronics.

It’s worth noting that F.K.O. is intended as an abbreviation of ‘Fuck Kelly Osborne’ and this reflects the nature of Dose’s flow across this track… A kind of media-fuelled vitriol reflected perfectly in the video by SSSR, included on the Wishingbone DVD.


“…comes over like country & western folk, having a hoe down, with still spaced, alien hip hop dudes, sat round the desert fire.” 4/5 Update

“Ex cLOUDDEAD frontman Doseone launches his new Bay Area rap group with a dizzying diatribe against Kelly Osborne over a synth heavy jazz break. Nice work fella.” Dazed & Confused


A2.F.K.O (B.Fleischmann Remix)
B1.F.K.O. (Console Remix)
B2.F.K.O. (Instrumental)