Subtle: For Hero: For Fool -


Group: Subtle
Group members: Adam Drucker, Jordan Dalrymple, Marty Dowers, Alexander Kort, Jeffrey Logan, Dax Pierson


For Hero : For Fool is the critically acclaimed culmination of 5 years of Subtle’s determined adventures into the left field. This is however a truly accessible album, outside of genres and preconceptions.

Featuring Doseone‘s unmistakeable vocals, MPC drum machine activist Jel and the combined synth, string, keyboard and song-writing talents of Dax Pierson, Marty Dowers, Jordan Dalrymple, and Alexander Kort, this is their key album.


“Where Subtle use many words to convey many things, I will use one: perfection.” 10/10 Drowned In Sound

“This mesmerizing LP is an acid-rain spoilt landscape of hip-hop, Doom-metal, TVOTR-like indie-soul and operatic glitch, sometimes all in the same song.” 4/5 Time Out

“Dose’s clever, rich, image-gorged writing is at that forefront more than ever, and, mercy, does he ever slam down the goods.” Album Of The Year, 90/100 Cokemachineglow

“The wisdom and wit of Doseone and Co lift this above every other hip hop release this year.” The Observer

“Intelligent, melodic, poetic and funny, so this is what Now sounds like eh?” 5/5 Playlouder

“The chemistry has changed, the music is harder and you can hear that this is some kind of a make-or-break moment. And this time they made it.” 8/10 Pitchfork


A Tale Of Apes I
A Tale Of Apes II
Middleclass Stomp
Middleclass Kill
Midas Gutz
The Mercury Craze
Bed To The Bills
Return Of The Vein
Call To Dive
The Ends