Tiago La Is Losing The Plot: Tiago La Is Losing The Plot -


Artist: Tiago La Is Losing The Plot (aka S.A.Andrée).


Debut release by a reclusive artist working under the name Tiago La is Losing the Plot

This self-titled EP features 6 mysterious tracks of off-beat pop melodics, sountrack-esque self-sampling and lush psychadelic FX and has been compared to the likes of early Pink Floyd, Elliot Smith and Berlin era Bowie. Track Lucien Guide was selected as Time Out Magazine’s Single of the Week. Limited edition 10″ and CD – both in clear plastic sleeves with a hint of 70s-Japan-only-vinyl style. Limited edition of 1000 copies.


Lucien Guide
Ages For Avedon
Jettisoned (Interlude)
Casualty At Stative Square
Tiago La