S.A.Andrée – ‘There’s A Fault’ Mix (Part 1)

photo by Andrew Paynter

With winter in full effect, this is definitely the appropriate time to release an album by an artist named after an explorer who perished in the Arctic. S.A.Andrée’s record There’s a Fault is out now digitally with vinyl limited to 500 copies worldwide. S.A.Andrée has made a mix to celebrate – available to download here:

S.A.Andrée – There’s A Fault, Mixtape 1. (Promo only)
(This should automatically download but if not, PC users: right click mouse and select Save as / Apple users hold down control and click then select Save Link As).


  1. Alan Watts – Intro
  2. Broadcast – In Here The World Begins
  3. Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation Des Samples – Orinoco, Bullerbü (Crossfade)
  4. John Maus – Do Your Best
  5. Tones On Tail – Lions
  6. The Focus Group – Pan Calling
  7. Caetano Veloso – The Empty Boat
  8. William Burroughs + Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto – siisx
  9. Talking Heads – Seen and Not Seen
  10. Washed Out – Olivia
  11. Ursula Bogner – Proto
  12. Iggy Pop – Mass Production