Rome Interactive Film in Google Chrome: – Album Out Now Worldwide

3 Dreams Of Black is a groundbreaking interactive film created for the song Black featuring Norah Jones, taken from Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s forthcoming Rome album – out next week worldwide. To experience 3 Dreams Of Black visit

Written and directed by Chris Milk, and developed in conjunction with Radical Media, EMI and Google, 3 Dreams Of Black is set in three dream worlds. The worlds are experienced as 2D drawings and animations, interspersed with interactive 3D sequences in which the viewer becomes an active participant, guiding their own journey through the unfolding narrative. Participants can even create and contribute their own virtual artefacts – the best of which will then be integrated into the experience and become a part of other users’ dreams.

The unique, immersive online experience of 3 Dreams Of Black is powered by the evolution in HTML5 and WebGL internet and web browser technologies. However, like the music that inspired its creation, the best way to understand 3 Dreams of Black is simply to experience it…

Behind the scenes-ish video here: