Xeno & Oaklander Track ‘Sets and Lights’ on 10th Anniversary Compilation ‘Complex’

This is an edited version not the full track. Preview other tracks from Complex via Soundcloud

The latest release from Lex 10th anniversary compilation Complex is by Brooklyn-based synth maestros Xeno & Oaklander.

Track Sets & Lights was selected as one of Rolling Stone magazine’s Top 25 Tracks of 2011 and this version was recorded in London during the their European tour, mixed by Drew Brown (Tiago La / S.A.Andrée) at The Hospital studio and mastered by David Ives at 101 Mastering in LA in a fully analogue process. Download and pre-order vinyl here

Photo by Drew Brown

This version is a studio-based snapshot of the band’s live performance, the final track being recorded in one take using a stripped back selection of synths compared to their album recordings: a Korg KR-55, 2 x Roland SH-101, 2  x Roland CSQ-600 and Logan String Melody… and a large Synthesizers.com modular that happened to be in the studio. Mixed on one of the rarest and finest desks in the world and then mastered to 1/4 tape for a warm analogue sound appropriate for a band who’s music has sometimes been labelled Cold Wave.

Photo by Dylan Gordon

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